Go On – Say Something

It’s time to expose ourselves.  Let it all hang out.   Wrap your business focus into today’s hot topic or headline, give it a stir, and post it somewhere.  Use the right words, back links, tags, metawhatsit, video, and before you know it, you are viral.  Social media is something that comes instinctively to those who were born with computers and mobile phones.  To those of us who get that we are now in the future, we are learning,  or we’ve decided to leave the room.  We don’t have to love it, but we do have to learn it.  The future is now.  (Although I’m still waiting for my personal jet pack).  You can ignore it (though why would you?), but from a business position –  Embrace it or write your epitaph.

Lead generators can thank LinkedIn for providing a great tool for uncovering names of the folks who hold the titles we need.  Reaching them is still left to the art of the sales person.  I now enjoy finding many brand managers names who forever sat unreachable in their nice cushy offices.  I guess as the younger set move into key positions in the Fortune 500 they won’t mind getting their identity out there – all those responsible for Huggies, and Pantene.   Although I doubt we’ll ever penetrate deeply into the name vault at Pfizer or Merck.  (But that’s a whole other beef) Transparency is a word that comes to mind when I think about all the social outlets that I communicate on.  At any given time if someone wants to comment on something I did or said.  Comment at will, please.  I wonder if 9/11 has anything to do with our openness now.  Wanting to be exposed so that people don’t question our identity.

Social Media is huge – it is hard to wrap our arms around it, but try it, you’ll like it.   For business purposes, have lots of meetings, set your goals on what it is you want to try to accomplish with a social outreach, and jump.  You’ll never even have to mention what it is you are selling, in fact, don’t do that.  Don’t sell from social. We need to think.  We can now participate in conversations with some of the great thinkers and writers in the world today.

Kicking and screaming is how I am bringing my clients to the world of social media, but at least most are stepping up.  I’m very proud of them.  This stuff’s hard.






Besides a telephone of some sort it’s likely you will be using a list to make your calls.  The list can come from any number of places.  Most people either buy lists or they put it together themselves.   If you have limited resources,  the internet can give you some basic information for phone numbers and names.

Generally we work with a client purchased list.   Although I have never bought one personally,  D&B http://tinyurl.com/cexp7r has a sales & marketing solution that Sheryl and I have both worked with. I have recently taken a test drive with THE LIST, http://www.thelistinc.com/ It’s a powerful Business Intelligence source, and, I think, well worth the money.

Remember, when you speak with list companies to make sure to ask them how often they are updated?  Do they have email addresses?  Whatever is important to you.  Some, like The List, even include recent news stories about companies.  As Sheryl pointed out in an earlier post, having more information about a company prior to calling them can be helpful.  Calling into a company whose CEO has just left, or whose stock tanked THAT morning is a company that is going through some tumult, so you might want to stay away for a bit.

There are 2 schools of thought here, as Sheryl suggests that depending on the circumstances, at the time changes are occurring, might be the perfect time to call.  Of course it depends on who you are calling for.  So, you decide.  I know someone who called a prospect,  actually, no, he’d sent an email,  and said, “Gee, just read your stock is garbage, so don’t you want to meet with us?”   It didn’t work.  The response was not favorable.   I once called into a company and did share that I’d just read their CMO or Creative Director, or some such high-titled person was leaving, and the person I was talking to was uninformed.  I felt terrible.    So, you don’t want to be too familiar.

It’s a broad topic, lists, and one we will continue to explore on NBP.  When we discover new good sources, we will share with you, and by all means, please let us know what you know about a good source.