At trade shows and business seminars I am asked what types of businesses are most successful with outsourcing their sales calls.  The answer is two-fold, and they are mutually exclusive of one another.

Hands down, widgets get more appointments than a  deeply embedded esoteric intangible service. Unless…you are a service that is defined in the name.  Click2Mortar, for instance, is the best known media system that delivers the web customer to a local store.  Interweb retail people that I pitch finally get it.  It didn’t happen overnight, so lets throw a third-fold into the mix….timing, and that’s not new.

Don’t get me wrong.  Anything can be done, it’s just that coming to us with exactly the right tools will be the difference between an OK campaign and a killer campaign.


by Sheryl Tuttle

Frequently I’m asked whether it makes sense to start or continue a new business campaign through the holidays. The argument is that many people vacation during the holidays and so you are less likely to reach a decision-maker during this timeframe. Many people contend that it makes better sense to put these efforts on hold, until the New Year and the resumption of “business as usual.”

I disagree, and here’s why.

For the very reason that more people are on vacation, the likelihood of reaching a decision-maker increases. Not only are your target prospects taking time off, but so are their gatekeepers. While the number of executives in their offices may actually decrease over the holidays, the number of executives answering their own line increases. This often results in making connections that would otherwise have been more difficult.

Additionally, while everyone is quick to agree that the holidays can bring on more stress, it is also a time when holiday spirit prevails. People emphasize community, relationships, and goodwill. They tend to be in better moods, and are more likely to be receptive to a conversation.

The best time to initiate a new business campaign is when it is right for you and your business, regardless of the season. When you want to begin filling the sales pipeline with future business, that’s the time to start a new business campaign.

Happy Thanksgiving.

by Sheryl Tuttle

Recently I stumbled upon a great blog post on New Business Hawk containing a list of ideas for generating new business. While the article is primarily geared towards agencies, the list is comprehensive. Almost certainly you will find ideas you can use for your new business campaign. Here is the post.

Grab the Low Hanging Fruit: 49 New Business Ideas at New Business Hawk

I couldn’t help but notice the number of times “call” was referenced. It is in idea number 19, 32, 33, 45, and 46, affirming again, that a personal telephone call is a great way to connect and build your business.

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