Cold-calling isn’t for everyone. But cold-calling is an integral part of an effective new business campaign strategy, and one that shouldn’t be avoided.

Do you have the staff and the skill to make cold calls?

Perhaps you’ve tried cold-calling, with little success. Or your salespeople grudgingly make cold-calls, and devote insufficient time to the task. Are there others in the company you can assign this responsibility? Who would it be? Let’s face it, most people don’t volunteer to make cold-calls, nor do they have the knack, yet developing prospects is a key component to filling the sales pipeline.

Whether you answer yes or no, New Business Pipeline is for you.

Here we discuss how to initiate new business through cold-calling, set appointments with decision-makers and influencers, and ultimately fill your business pipeline with quality sales opportunities. If you need more or if you need help with your cold-calling efforts, then contact us.

In business, as in life, there are drivers and there are passengers. This blog is the key to becoming a better business driver.