by Sheryl Tuttle

I don’t think I’ve made one introductory pitch so far this week that I didn’t get cut-off and interrupted – the prospect having no time to listen or in too much a hurry.

Are we going to have to condense the 30-second elevator pitch?

Could social media be to blame?

We all know that social media (SM) is changing the way we reach out and relate to one another. But it’s also creating a new language, complete with acronyms, abbreviations, and smiley symbols, to shorten the message so that it fits within the character limitation for chats, text messages, and internet communication. SM conversations require short, direct messages.

But is this new communication style saving us time, or is it creating expectations of quicker interactions?  Is it adding value, or causing miscommunication and lost opportunity? Is the time span where we have a prospects attention being reduced at all, or is this just an unusual phenomenon?

(So What Do You Think?)