by Sheryl Tuttle

I’ve been following “prospect call” and “cold call” tweets lately, and there are certainly a lot of them. It’s funny too, because people seem to be either very strongly for or against prospect calling.

Many tweets bash prospect calling as a complete waste of time, an activity that will tarnish your reputation, and even one tweet claimed it immoral! Yet, I have observed an equal number tweets proclaiming success. So which is it? Are prospect calls worth the effort or not? Will prospect calls boost your business or hurt your reputation?

The answer is …both.

Allow me to clarify. The fact is, many people approach prospect calling completely unprepared. They view it as a dreaded menial task, a necessary activity to increase their pool of leads. These folks lack professionalism. It’s all a sales and numbers game to them. Either the prospect hops on board and wants an appointment to hear more, or he jumps off, never to be contacted again. This approach can cause problems for your company.

On the other hand, folks that prepare glean much more success in their efforts. These teleprospectors understand the value of their roles, which may not immediately result in a sale, but rather they create and develop a relationship. They learn what they can about the company and their potential needs, ask relevant probing questions, and then listen to the response.

It requires professionalism to develop new business opportunities successfully through prospect calling. It is through peer-to-peer conversations that true relationships are forged.

If you believe your efforts at prospect calling are hurting your reputation, then perhaps it’s time to take a look at outsourcing your process to professional appointment setters.