by Sheryl Tuttle

Web research is a vital part of new business generation, and it’s essential to know as much as you can about a prospect company before actually engaging in dialog with that prospect. Accordingly, I visit many company websites. Here are my top five pet peeves for business websites in no particular order. I invite you to add your own to this list through the comments.

  1. No “About” Information – Most visitors to business websites are looking for information about the company. An “about” page or an easily found descriptive paragraph on the home page is essential in my opinion, and its lack of is one of my biggest pet peeves.
  2. Not Copyable – Frequently, I utilize the copy and paste feature for the important and relevant information from business websites, saving the details into my CRM for future use. It doesn’t happen often that the text cannot be copied from a website, but it’s extremely irritating to me when it does.
  3. Automatic Music – I like music, really, I do, but when I’m visiting websites, I’m typically either a) working or b) shopping. Usually working. In any case, landing on a website to be affronted with music of their choice is not ideal, and at a minimum, there needs to be a very easily found “music off” switch.
  4. No Discernible Structure or Organization – Most people like things easy. Particularly when it comes to company research. We don’t want to have to go on a lengthy mission just to find the information we are after. As such, it is grating to visit websites packed full of unorganized information and no clear structure on where to find things.
  5. Not Able to Use Browser of Choice – Another one that doesn’t happen often, but is very annoying when it does, are sites that require a specific browser to open. While the company or site manager’s preferred browser may be IE, it is not mine, and I want to be able to use any browser to peruse the site.

So what are some of your pet peeves when it comes to business websites?